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Uttarakhand previous year solved question paper


1. Who was the first Garhwali King to visit the Mughal Court ? 

    (a) Ajaypal 

    (b) Manshah 

    (c) Shyam Shah  

    (d) Prithvi Pal Shah

ANS : C (Shyam Shah to meet emperor Jahangir)


2.Who is known as ‘Jhansi ki Rani’ in Uttarakhand ? 

   (a) Teelu Rauteli 

   (b) Fabia Devi

   (c) Empress Guleria

   (d) None of these 



3. Where is the largest paper mill in Uttarakhand ?  

    (a) Lalkua 

    (b) Khatima 

    (c) Haridwar  

    (d) Kashipur 

 ANS : A (Huge paper mill of Birla Group)


4.  Which mountain range is to be crossed in order to go from Ganga Valley to Yamuna
Valley ?  

  (a) Radi ka Danda  

  (b) Panwali Kantha  

  (c) Khait Parwat 

  (d) Diwa Danda

 ANS :


 5.Bageshwar town is situated at the confluence of which river?

  (a) Saryu – Gomati

  (b) Saryu – Ramganga  

  (c) Saryu – Panar

  (d) Saryu – Kali 

ANS : A (Bageshwar is also surrounded by the mountains of Bhileshwar and Nileshwar to its east and west. By Suraj Kund in the North and Agni Kund in the South.)

6. The district with lowest literacy rate in Uttarakhand State as per Census 2011 was 

(a) Udhamsingh Nagar  (74.44)  

(b) Haridwar (74.62)     

(c) Uttarkashi  (75.98)         

(d) Tehri Garhwal (75.10)


7. In Uttarakhand ‘BHAKAR’ word is used for 

(a) Storage of fruit juice

(b) Storage of cereals  

(c) Storage of milk

(d) None of these 



8. Harshwanti Bisht is famous for which sport ? 

(a) Mountaineering

(b) Hockey  

(c) Weight Lifting

(d) Shooting

 ANS : A


9. In Uttarakhand I.I.M. is located at 

(a) Kashipur

(b) Khatima  

(c) Pauri

(d) Rishikesh



 10. Which of the following measurement unit ‘Nali’ is used in the rural areas of Uttarakhand ?

(a) Width of river

(b) Length of the road  

(c) Land

(d) Tree 

 ANS : C


11. Which of the following towns of Uttarakhand is known as “Copper City” ? 

(a) Pauri  

(b) Chamoli  

(c) Almora

(d) Srinagar 

 ANS : C


12. State flower of Uttarakhand is ______ 

(a) Brahma Kamal

(b) Phen Kamal  

(c) Fyunli

(d) Marigold 

 ANS : A (Saussurea obvallata)


13. Which of the following river flows through ‘Valley of flowers’ ?

(a) Alaknanda

(b) Bhagirathi  

(c) Ramganga

(d) Pushpawati 

 ANS : D (in Chamoli District)


14. How many members from Uttarakhand represent in Rajya Sabha ?

(a) 02

(b) 03  

(c) 05

(d) 07 

 ANS :  B


15. In which of the following districts ‘Corbett National Park’ is situated ?

(a) Nainital and Udhamsingh Nagar

(b) Nainital and Pauri Garhwal  

(c) Pithoragarh and Champawat

(d) Chamoli and Rudraprayag 

 ANS : B


16. Which of the following places of Uttarakhand famous for highest tourist destinations ?

(a) Mussoorie

(b) Nainital  

(c) Haridwar

(d) Rishikesh 

 ANS : 

17. In which district of Uttarakhand ‘Patal Bhuwneshwar’ is located ?

(a) Almora

(b) Pithoragash  

(c) Pauri

(d) Uttarkashi

 ANS : B (Limestone Cave Temple)
















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